Doctor Sent Me to a Weight Loss Place

I gained much of the weight after getting in a car accident a couple of months back. I was about ten pounds over my ideal weight to start off, but of course after the accident I was not able to move around without crutches. It was quite painful too. So I sat around a lot, but I ate just as much as I did. In a very short time I gained another fifteen or twenty pounds. The doctor saw me the other day and sent me to a Bay Area medical weight loss center. It is probably a very good idea, since you do not want the problem to get worse than it already is before you start to do something. Continue reading →

An Attorney Helped Me Get Justice

I do not have my own driver’s license yet because I don’t have an automobile of my own. However, I am working part time after classes every day so that I can save for one. For right now, this means that I rely on getting rides from friends. Most of my friends are responsible, but I recently got into a friend’s car and found out too late that it would have been best if I didn’t. My mom helped me hire a Sacramento auto injury attorney because of what happened. A friend got us into a really big accident and I was hurt.

Before the accident, I asked quite a few friends if they had time to drive me to a doctor’s appointment. Most everyone was apologetic when they said no. We are all students, and most everyone needed to attend classes at the same time that my doctor appointment was to take place. But one friend said that he was free and he would take me. Continue reading →

Preserve Your Natural Beauty With Laser Skin Resurfacing – The Cosmetic Surgery Alternative

There is a plethora of information available dealing with YOUR skin rejuvenation options. However, many of them promise to deliver what they simply can’t. That being said, I would like to invite you in for an education on this very important topic.

Many of us have skin damage from the sun which has produced age spots, loose skin and wrinkles have surfaced over time, some experience acne scars that require repair and a host of other various skin imperfections that simply exist. None of us want these unsightly conditions and many people claim they can correct them with magic bullet lotions, creams or very expensive plastic surgery. Those ineffective and expensive options are a thing of the past.

Welcome to the age of laser skin resurfacing that allows three very specific and effective treatments to be performed in one session. My task over the last three months has been to research and compile all the most recent data and fact regarding face and body skin resurfacing technology. I had no idea that so many various claims were being made and how each company stated they had the best available option for laser skin resurfacing.

Well it turns out there is truly one state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing solution and it is called “Laser 360”. This treatment process is a direct result of Alma Lasers incredible if not magical “Harmony XL Laser System”. I am not going to get highly technical with you about the years of research and development that went into this system nor am I going to try and explain how it accommodates skin tightening (wrinkle removal), surface damage repair (sun/age spot elimination) and texture smoothing (collagen stimulation along with tone restoration) all in one session!

I would like you to decide for yourself by viewing all the various material (videos, articles, testimonials, various blog posts and so much more) that I have compiled over the last several months regarding these very skin resurfacing issues and potential treatment options. Then simply decide if laser skin resurfacing is a cost effective solution for you.

In addition you will find that laser hair removal has now become a painless procedure when using this unbelievable Alma Lasers Harmony XL System technology. You will never again waste your time and money on the copious amount of try this, try that, magic bullet and we have the new skin miracle GARBAGE & LIES.

The truth is right here and I am living, walking, breathing proof because not only did I research most every single laser skin care resurfacing option I actually underwent the “Laser 360” skin resurfacing process personally and am simply blow away by the results and affordability.

I can only hope that you take a moment and educate yourself about this previously maddening topic and find the solution that honestly works best for YOU! Knowing the facts about laser skin resurfacing, being treated by highly trained consummate professionals and saving money is exactly what I set out to investigate and I am making it ALL available to you as well.


Simply visit this extremely informative and educational website to adequately inform yourself about the newest, safest and most cost effective way to preserve your natural beauty in a one session time frame! Grab Your FREE Premier Club Membership while it’s still available.

Cruelty Free Beauty Products Beauty Bloggers Love

As the editor-in-chief of a cruelty free beauty blog, people often ask me which products are the best. Of course, that depends on your skin type, hair type and personal preferences. And, it’s amazing how one product will FAIL for me and then someone else I know will love it!

That being said, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite cruelty-free products. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

1. Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser – This is a great cruelty free cleanser available at your local drugstore! For reference, I have sensitive, combination skin with frequent breakouts. A good friend recommended this to me – she has extremely sensitive skin (more sensitive than mine) and she also loves Alba’s facial cleanser. It has enzymes to remove dead skin and dirt, but it doesn’t dry out your skin at all. It makes your skin feel super soft without leaving any residue!

2. L’uvalla Balancing Day/Night Cream is a fairly thick cream that manages to go on smooth and leave NO greasy residue! It’s perfect for my combination skin. It has essential oils (lotus flower, thyme, rosemary, clove, etc.) to treat acne and natural oils (such as argan oil and hazel seed oil) to nourish skin and heal acne.

3. Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick – jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, carrot extract and other natural ingredients combine to make this super luxe, non-sticky lip balm that gives you protection without causing dependency (like lip balms that contain drying ingredients can do).

4. BareMinerals Matte mineral foundation gives me a shine-free finish (which lasts almost all day on my shiny areas), minimizes my pores, evens out my skin tone and protects my skin from sun damage (SPF 15). It is designed to be worn alone, but I usually layer over liquid foundation for more coverage.

5. Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash is perfect for my back. I started out using it every other day, and now I use it almost every time I shower. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and has significantly reduced my breakouts. The main ingredient is salicylic acid, which exfoliates, clears pores and helps to reduce acne. There are a ton of products out there with salicylic acid, but the trick is getting the right amount. Too much and your skin will get all irritated and peel. This product is just right for body acne (it would probably be good for those with less sensitive facial skin as well). The treasure trove of other ingredients are there to help soothe, kill germs and prevent acne flare-ups: licorice, bergamot, milk thistle, lemon, arnica, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, goldenseal and matricaria.

Dying to Be Beautiful

Have you ever felt frustrated looking at the ingredients listed on body care or cosmetics products? Here are two great tools that will decipher the secret code and empower you to choose products that are safe for you and the planet.

Go to Cosmetics Database and you can look up either a specific product (like Elizabeth Arden Extreme Conditioning), or any ingredient, and find a toxic rating for it as well as health problems associated with it.

The small but incredibly useful book “Dying to Look Good” by Christine Hoza Farlow is an ingredients dictionary, so you can bring it along to the stores and see if an ingredient is toxic or safe.

To truly transform your health and appearance, you need to have ingredients that are safe and beneficial. You won’t find a regular commercial product that’s as powerfully rejuvenating as real food and herbs, when applied to your skin. The drawbacks for manufacturers? No shelf life, very expensive compared with chemicals, and consumers have been taught to buy white or clear products (“pure”) that have only certain types of smells.

Did you ever drink an herbal tea that was white or clear? Didn’t it smell like the herb? Many of the most powerful plant nutrients are in the pigments, so how much of the plants’ benefits are you getting with a white or clear product?

The only moisturizer I use is cold pressed, unrefined, USDA certified organic Wild Rosehip Seed Oil. Why? Because its unique abundance of nutrients is more skin healing and rejuvenating than anything else I’ve found. It’s also the reason most people are surprised when they find out I’m 57 years old yet my skin has less wrinkles than many people in their 30’s. The rich depth of the oil’s orange color, thick consistency and the natural smell, are all indications of its potency.

This is the way we need to start thinking, to look at the “food” value of our body care products.

Along with eliminating toxic ingredients, here’s some shocking but true tips that will work wonders for your looks and help the environment:

1. Stop using detergents and soap on your body. They are harmful for the skin’s protective oils and acid mantel, and are drying and aging. Warm water and a cotton wash cloth are all most people need for basic cleaning. You’ll find shampoos at The Morrocco Method website that have no soap, detergent or any synthetic ingredients.

2. Healthy skin cells are beautiful skin cells, so change from refined and processed foods to whole foods (organic whenever possible). You’ll see a bigger change in your looks than any product can provide.

3. Simplify your beauty routine. Using fewer products is better for your body and you’ll put less garbage into the environment.

4. Move your body. It moves the lymph system around, which you need to do to get rid of toxins. Every day do some exercise or dance freely. I sit on an exercise ball at my desk, and I feel and look better than when I used chairs.

5. Lighten up! Stress is not good for your health and looks. Smiling and laughing are.

6. Change your perspective on beauty. What does this quote from John Lennon mean to you? “You’ve got to be good looking cause you’re so hard to see.” Junk food and beauty products that instantly cover up rather than change our looks are temporarily comforting. Wouldn’t it be better to love yourself and your life? If you don’t, you’ll keep going back to old buying habits and lifestyle patterns. Spend some time finding out what’s really important to you and go after it! Learn to be comfortable expressing yourself, and then you’ll be able to stick to, and reap the benefits of, healthy choices.

Using All Natural Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Lately, it seems everybody is on the hunt for beauty products that are toxin-free and deliver results. With so many questionable ingredients on the back of cosmetic and shampoo bottles, this is a very good thing! Consumers are becoming very savvy and more aware of chemical additives, not only in their foods and household products, but also in their beauty products. The good news is that makeup, bath and hair products that are safe and deliver amazing results are available, if you are willing to do your research and look for them.

If you have been reading beauty blogs and magazines, undoubtedly, you have heard of argan oil. Argan oil is a miracle product of sorts for both hair and skin, but what exactly is this oil that comes from the far away land of Morocco? If you have read about this magical potion you may be wondering what argan oil is and what it can do for you.

The oil itself comes from the kernels of the nuts from the Argan tree. The extracted oil has been used in cosmetics and foods since as early as the 1500s! Anything that has been used for this long must have some redeeming qualities, right? Some people call this potion “liquid gold” or “the Gold of Morocco.” With names like this, how can you go wrong? The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, and this is why it is said to be so nourishing for skin, hair and nails. The oil has twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil, and it also contains vital antioxidants. Wow! What’s not to love?

Here is a list of things argan oil can be used for: softening dry skin, minimizing fine lines, reducing blemishes and scarring, softening cuticles, repairing split ends and giving skin a fresh and renewed look. Wow! Talk about a multi-tasking product! Argan oil, with all of these uses, is definitely a product you want in your beauty collection.

If this little oil can help with all of these beauty needs, I don’t know about you, but I’m in! You can find this oil in beauty supply stores, on various websites, home shopping channels, beauty supply shops and just about anywhere cosmetics are sold. Just like all cosmetic products, the price range is vast. Argan oil can cost anywhere from $19 to $50 and higher, depending on where you live and shop, as well as the brand you purchase. IMPORTANT: Make sure you purchase a cosmetic grade, not the argan oil meant for culinary use! You do not want to put cooking oil on your face! Like with anything else, do your research, read the reviews and get ready to get gorgeous naturally and safely!

Why People Think Products Are A Good Idea

A Guide for Every Mommy in Making the Best Baby Foods

We can’t blame mothers who are making the decision to make their own baby food for today’s generation. We don’t know what are the ingredients being mixed inside a jar of baby food that we purchased on the market. Most of all baby food products that we bought from a store or any market are full of preservatives and sugars, and we would not want this to be ingested by our babies. To be safer and to make sure that the food you will give to your baby is clean and free of preservatives, your best option is to buy a baby food maker, which will allow you to choose what delicious food you will offer to your baby. Finding the best baby maker is not that easy, there are lot of varieties of baby food maker available in the market.

Benefits of acquiring one baby food makers. When having one baby food maker there are lot of good benefits you will acquire. Aside from the benefits that you will obtain when you feed your baby, there are also a variety of great reasons to make your own baby food that you might not have considered.
It will cut the cost of buying commercially made baby foods, just making your own baby foods might help you cut your expenses.

Another reason is you know what you are feeding your baby, as mentioned above, commercially made baby foods are full of preservatives and sugar which might not good for your baby’s to ingest.

We will know what exactly the content that we will give to our baby’s especially that nutrients that are present in the food.Organic foods are what we are making when producing our own baby food. Baby food makers can help you choose from different kind of food you want to make.

When buying a baby food maker, there are things to consider first.

A manual type or electric type of baby food maker is available on the market, you should think which of the two you most prefer. If you prefer electric type, well it is more expensive but it is more efficient, fast and easy to use. While the manual type, you will exert some effort on it. It is more convenient when you will buy a dishwasher safe and easy to clean baby food maker. You might consider to buy a simple but durable and easy to wash baby food maker. You also consider in buying a baby food maker with a BPA-Free product.

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Computer problems

I don't usually have many issues with my computer because I have lots of great programs running that prevent bad things from happening. I recently upgraded my Windows operating system and it seems like windows 8 running slow is becoming a problem I can't afford to have. I have a lot of important work I need to complete and my computer is the only way I can do it. I am actually thinking about downgrading my operating system just so I can get back to work. However, before I do that I need to look online to see if I can find a workable solution.

Good service at hand

I was interested in online backup services, so I searched the net in order to find something useful. I managed to find a good provider that offers good cloud storage services and I was very satisfied with that. It is very important to be able to back up your data and store it in a cloud so that it can be available via any kind of electronic device such as computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. If you want to have a cloud storage service at hand, then you should watch that awesome video about the best storage options available online offered by Best Web Vault.

Cleaning duplicate songs on your mac

For anyone using a mac computer, iTunes becomes an integral way of life, primarily because they are the only way to play music. Now, while using the machine. After some time, you will notice that the iTunes library is showing up more than one instance of the same songs. This can be ignored for the more the merrier- right? Wrong. Mac has a tendency to get over cluttered with duplicate files, meaning that it essentially eats away at the performance of the machine effectively making it slower. And cleaning out iTunes duplicates manually is a very big hassle. The solution? A very nifty website called has this software called “Tidy Up”. It can categorically sort out all your music from each drive and even offer a preview before deletion. It even works for other files as well. Check it out today and you will never be out of disk space again.

We Do not Want to Sign a Long Term Contract

A couple of days ago, we were walking around the mall and we were stopping out all of the different cellular provider stores. We really want to get new service because the company we are with right now is not very good. One of the things that we do not like is that most companies want you to get involved in a longer contract. The shortest one we could find was 18 months. We do not know if we will like their service and we do not know if we will want to stick around with them that long. We think that we are going to buy an iPhone and then get instructions on how to unlock iPhone 5s. From there, we will try to find a more short-term service.

An Error That Can Affect Your Outlook Work

Working with Microsoft Outlook also means dealing with all sorts of errors that don't appear in other programs. For example, error 0x80042109 is quite common and it suggests a number of things, such as viruses, corrupted data, malware and damaged registry files. Luckily, a modern outlook repair software program can solve the problem and save your work. If you want to be completely safe and your work in Microsoft Outlook to be protected, you should definitely direct your attention towards a software program that can help. Learn how you can get such a program and learn how it works. You'll surely find it very useful.